General Questions

What is your pricing and what does the session include?

The investment for a maternity photography session is $200 (taxes are not included). That includes:

  • one-hour session with the professional photographer on location or in a studio
  • all the photographs from your session fully edited (digital download)
  • online gallery with all these images to be shared with your friends and family
  • easy online service for ordering prints

The investment for a baby photography session is $400 (taxes are not included). That includes:

  • two-hour session with the professional photographer in a studio or at your home
  • all the photographs from your session fully edited (digital download)
  • online gallery with all these images to be shared with your friends and family
  • easy online service for ordering prints

Note it’s a two-hour session as newborn photography requires more time for feeding, posing, wrapping etc.


Do you photograph on location or in a studio?

For your maternity photography you can choose to be photographed at the location of your choice or at my studio. My studio is very cosy and functional.

A baby and baby plus family session can be done either in our amazing studio or at the comfort of your own home.


Do you edit all of our photographs?

Yes, I edit all the photos one by one, individually.


Do we get a DVD or a flash drive with our photos?

I offer something better than a DVD or a flash drive. As soon as your photos are ready I upload them to the online gallery with the unique link. It means you receive them the very second they gallery is on.

The gallery will allow you to download your photos to your computer (or phone) one by one or entire gallery with only one click. You can also share the gallery with your friends and family or order prints via three easy steps right there.


Can we order prints?

You are free to order prints and any photolab of you choice. Although I do recommend ordering larger prints at A&A Photography as they will be processed at one of the best professional photo-lab that warrants the quality and live of your prints.

I have a super easy service for you via my online gallery. As soon as you photos are ready I will send you a link to your online gallery and you can order your enlargements there. It’s as easy as doing online shopping. As soon as you prints are ready they will be delivered to the location of your choice.


Why your print prices are higher than at Costco or Walmart?

You are free to order your prints and any lab you prefer. I use the services of professional labs only. Where the prints and products are processed at the pro-equipment using the archival inks which preserve your images from fading out. They actually have the certificates which guarantees that the products they make will be good in color and quality for at least one hundred years (if you treat them properly of course). I hope that explains the price. I wouldn't say it’s expensive I would say it’s very affordable for the quality and guarantees you are getting in exchange.


Do you pose people?

Yes and no. And as you can see from my portfolio I try to make it very natural. I usually slightly pose you and then I ask you to do something that reveals the emotions and love. That is my secret to beautiful but natural photos.

I deliberately use a bit of posing, light and my professional skills to make you shine brighter on your photos and create stunning portraits for you and your family.


Can we get a print release or copyright?

Copyright defines the creator of the images, the photographer. So it actually means that I created those images and I own them and this right cannot be granted or sold.

But the portraits from your session are yours and according to our agreement you are granted a print release that allow you to print, order images at the labs, post them anywhere you like.


How many pictures we get?

You get all the photographs from your session. Usually it’s  around 40-50 images from an hour maternity session or around 40 images from two-hour baby photosession. The only outtakes photos will be those where the flash didn’t fire or the focus was off etc.


Do we have to sign an agreement?

The agreement is created to protect your interests as a client and mine as a photographer. I do require a signed agreement at the time of booking as well as a booking fee (retainer).


What is the payment schedule for a photo session?

At the time of booking I require the signed agreement and the retainer ($50) which guarantees and secures the date of your photo session. The retainer is non-refundable, but transfereble. If you are unable to come to the session and the notice is sent to me 48 hours prior to the session we can reschedule the date and transfer the paid retainer towards the new date.


We need to cancel our session can we get the retainer back?

The retainer is non-refundable booking fee. The retainer guarantees that I booked the time of the session exclusively for you and I turn down all the inquiries and commissions for that session time.

But you are more then welcome to reschedule your session and transfer the retainer towards the new time if you provide me the the notice, but no later than 48 hours prior to the session.



When it’s the best time to book a session?

The best time for your session is between week 30-36. At this time your belly is nice and round but you still fill yourself amazing and not as tired as at the last weeks of pregnancy.

But if you are at your later weeks already I will be more than glad to create beautiful memories for you. Just give me a call and we will book it as soon as my calendar allows.


What should I wear for the session?

It depends of what kind of images you would like to get. You can wear something more fascinating or more casual. Try to stay away from the busy prints or stripes, in the photo it could draw attention from your belly or your face and we don’t want that.


Do you provide those gorgeous dresses and fabrics or do we need to bring them over?

I have all those dresses at the studio for you. Please let me know at the time of booking that you want the photos in the maternity gowns or fabrics so I can do all the necessary preparations befor your session.



When it’s the best time to book a session?

If you are looking for the sleeping posed baby photos you want to book the date when the baby is up to 10 days old.

I will be more than happy to photograph older babies, but when they are older they are also more alert to the world around them and it might be a challenge to get the posed sleepy photographs done. But we still can get lots and lots of amazing cuddling lifestyle images for you.


Can we bring siblings for a session?

Definitely.  More people and more set ups may require additional time and additional fee but brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents are more than welcome at the session.

Please make sure to let me know at the time of booking who is going to be at the session so we can discuss the details.


Do you have lots of experience in photographing newborns?

I do. And I understand how you could feel trusting someone to hold your baby, wrap him/her and pose him/her. But let me to tell you that I’m a mom too and totally understand you. That’s why you going to be right there at the session with me assisting me during all the posing and photographing.

I hope you got most of the answers on your questions.

If I seem like a photographer for you just send me a note so we can book the most suitable time for you and your little one.